Health & Fitness IPC Goes to the Gym

Health&Fitness-Thumb-TemplateThe McKelvey gym was filled by enthusiastic parents, guests, teachers, and students donning their laced up sneakers for a fun-filled morning of health-related physical fitness. The third graders have been diligently working in their Health and Fitness International Primary Curriculum unit since we returned to school from winter break. Their Language Arts teachers, IPC teachers, art teacher, and library tech teachers collaborated to introduce students to the body systems. Each student was given a body system that they were to research, develop a project for, and design a life-size representation of to showcase in the gym for guests this morning. The other portion of this IPC project was to be done in the students’ physical education class. Our job was to teach students about different muscle groups and have them research activities that are geared towards training each particular muscle group. This was a successful cross-curricular unit, with so many people being involved in the planning and preparations for the day.

At 8:05 students entered the gymnasium to set up for the arrival of our guests. Ms. Fedele’s class started on the fitness side of the gym while Mrs. Baxter’s class headed to the far end of the gym to prepare their body system projects for viewing and demonstrations. Half of the students were about to become fitness trainers at a gym, and they had to prepare for their first clients of the morning. They spread out their exercises across the width of the court and arranged the many pieces of equipment they would need to complete their fitness cards. Each line represented a different muscle group. Once they felt they were ready for their first client to train, they welcomed a guest at the starting cone to introduce their muscle group and explain their circuit of exercises.

Once the circuits were underway, I was able to observe the third grade trainers being engaged, enthusiastic, and supporting of each participant. Each trainer stayed with their client safely guiding them through all the exercises in their circuit. At the end of each circuit guests were asked to complete an assessment to give feedback to their trainers on their choices of exercises and repetitions. After reading through a few of the assessment cards already, I can see that each students’ hard work really paid off. The visitors loved the workout they got, and felt that overall the trainers were knowledgeable, helpful, and appropriately targeted their intended muscle groups.

About halfway through, the classes switched sides and a whole new bunch of fitness trainers prepared for the next wave of eager clients.

The teachers were so impressed with this classes’ work ethic. It was clear after this morning that they became acquainted with their targeted muscle group and body system, and will hopefully be able to continue spreading awareness for good health and fitness to the rest of our community and beyond.

Thank you parents and guests for joining us this morning. You continue to be a great support system for our young learners. We hope that you are not too sore in the morning!

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