Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I began the week welcoming back the Middle and Upper School students at morning meeting and asking them to look back upon their lives during 2015.  I encouraged our students to remember all the things they were proud of accomplishing and continue to work positively in these areas.  I also asked the students to think of things that they would like to improve, enhance, or build upon such as being a stronger friend, improving an athletic skill, mastering a new academic concept, or trying a new instrument.  Setting personal goals for oneself is an important reflective act and a wonderful way to build self-confidence, a sense of self-worth, and the understanding of individual growth.  

In addition to these more “external” and measurable goals I encourage us all (students and adults alike) to think about some more “internal” goals for 2016. I’m talking about things that we all think about but frequently bury due to our daily responsibilities. We might try to be satisfied with what we have, be comfortable with what we like, be true to who we are, be observant of the positives, be friendly and helpful to our family and neighbors, be accepting of others.  These things are not always easily accomplished. They are not measureable by a higher grade, a recital performance or an increase in goals scored.  I challenge us all to come up with our own list of goals this year, internal and external, personal and professional…and not be afraid to ask for encouragement and support from those around us!

“I am always more interested in what I am about to do than what I have already done.”

–Rachel Carson

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