Greetings from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

As we all enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer, I wanted to let you know that our campus is becoming busier every day. We are seeing facility projects wrap up nicely, faculty working through webinars and testing new technology, students stopping in for class gatherings, and classrooms getting reorganized and ready for September 10. Every year I get excited as the first day of school begins to become a reality, and this year I am especially happy to be a “new student” here at Derby Academy.

We all remember the excitement, anticipation and sometimes longing that accompanied the transition from summer to a new school year. You are all giving your children the special gift of the Derby experience as their foundation of schooling and childhood memories. Derby’s facilities, faculty, culture and community support all aspects of childhood and adolescence; I look forward to being a part of this unique school community for years to come. It is an honor and my pleasure to send this, my first official “August Letter” announcing the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

Starting this afternoon you can log in to our website and find all the pertinent information needed for the start of school. John Houghton and Polly Rizzotto have posted their “start of school” letters and class lists. Please go to the “Resource Boards” page and click on the “Back to School 2015” page to view this information (or use the log in link below).

Be safe, stay healthy (perhaps remind your MS/US students about summer readings and IXL work) and soak in these remaining days of summer with family and friends. I look forward to seeing you on campus shortly and hope to get to know you throughout the year.


Please Note: Derby has recently updated its phone system. All existing two-digit extensions are now preceded by a 1. For example, extension 34 is now 134. Please refer to our Faculty & Staff Directory if you have any questions.
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