The Beginning of a New Adventure

“The school should, with a keen sense of responsibility, choose nothing either because it is old or because it is new, but everything because it is good…We must lead children to become active explorers in the field of knowledge. We must help them to think for themselves; but we must also help them to discover and appreciate what is worth thinking about…We must set before ourselves the ideal of bringing up children who shall be prepared, both intellectually and morally, to help make the world more fit to live in.”

This is where we started last September: words from a brochure about Derby Academy written in 1931. When I included these in my first blog last fall, little did I know just how much Derby continues to live out these words. This is what I have seen throughout the year: focus on the ideal of preparing our students, both morally and intellectually, to help make the world more fit to live in.

Our students are indeed active explorers who have gone far beyond the campus of 56 Burditt Avenue. Our teachers have engaged with them and challenged them to stretch their minds and their hearts. Our students have “done special” in a myriad of ways. The culminating events of Last Chapel and Derby Day capped our year together in rich and meaningful ways.

Thank you to all who have been a part of Derby Academy this year – students, faculty, staff, and parents. It has been a year that far surpassed my expectations. An interim year is many things but one thing it is not: it is not an end. While it has its own “last day” date, that date also marks the beginning of a new adventure on the Derby campus. Enjoy it and participate in it as you have participated this year. I wish you all a wonderful summer and a joyful year in 2015-2016!


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