Thank you!

I have often heard the expression, “Gratitude unexpressed is not gratitude.” I am not certain of the origin of this saying but I become more and more conscious of it as we rush from place to place, from task to task. We sometimes overlook the “thank you” as we hustle on to our next adventure. It delights me to hear students leaving a class saying “thank you” to the teacher. Sometimes it is the younger students who are more vocal in this way as they are learning the ways of the world. They know that the magic words, “please” and “thank you,” are well worth using!

There is an old bumper sticker: “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” As you know, I believe the heart of a very good school rests in the faculty. We are a very good school; we have a very good faculty. To each and every one of our teachers, I say, “Thank you for all you do for Derby.” Last week was National Teacher Appreciation Week. The Parents Association, representing all the parents, celebrated their appreciation of our teachers with a wonderful luncheon and generous gifts. There were individual gifts as well as one major gift to be completed over the summer: refurbishing the faculty room in Sarah Derby Hall. For all of this, I say a loud and cheerful, “Thank you!!! You are incredibly generous and thoughtful.”

While the faculty is the heart of the school, without your children we might not have a school, or certainly not one as joyous and filled with such laughter and learning as the one we come to every day. I might thank the children for being here (and I try to!), but today I want to offer my personal and sincere thanks to each and every parent who helps make this school so remarkable. Your time and your most precious treasure, your children, are greatly appreciated! Thank you! Thank you!


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