More Than Just a School

Do any of you recall the commercial, “Do you know where your children are?” It generally meant: “Are your children at the movies? Off at the park? Out with a friend?” Now the answer to that question may not be quite so simple. With the benefit of technology, your children may be anywhere in the world but physically in your house. It is something to consider as members of your household move from being youngsters learning to read to being middle schoolers and upper schoolers learning to navigate the world.

Grade 5 International Night took us all over the world in just two hours last night. The students had done extensive research, thanks to technology, about their individual countries, finding live pictures and up-to-date data on topics such as clean water, health, literacy rates, pollution, unemployment and political challenges. At ten and eleven years old, our students have become dramatically aware of some challenges and opportunities facing our small planet. I predict there are members of this class who will “do special” in several of these areas as they grow up.

Derby Academy, as we well know, is so much more than “just a school.” Students and faculty work closely together in the classrooms but students work with students across different grades as well. Parents are a vital element of what goes on here also. It is through the parents that we have the Talent Show. This is another time when parents have chosen to “do special” for the school. The talents of our students never cease to amaze me and the dedication of our parents is impressive! Thank you to all who were involved in making such a fun-filled event.

More than just a school, more than just a family, Derby is a community with all the best attributes of “community”: care, compassion and connectedness. With many adventures awaiting us in the month of May, I look forward to sharing in these with all of you.



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