Lower School Library & Tech Meets Derby IPC

Lower School library and technology working hand-in-hand to support the International Primary Curriculum

By Amy Fish — It has been said, in this age of technology, that there are two types of beings: the digital natives, who are children born with technology at their fingertips, and the digital immigrants—everyone else. Our digital natives have been navigating their IPC projects in the Lower School with the aid of written materials, technology and hands-on learning.

In Grade One, the Building Unit is in full swing; students are researching and discussing international landmarks in the classroom. In tech class, students are using Microsoft Paint to illustrate homes and city buildings, and Toca Builders to create worlds of colored blocks. After learning about animal habitats from PebbleGo, they drew a beaver lodge using drawing tools and the paint bucket. The LS Library has also provided subject specific building books for use in their classroom.

In Grade Two, the Water Unit is also in progress. The students are logging into PebbleGo and playing subject related games to reinforce what was learned from the ocean, river and lake chapters as well as section on the continuous movement of the water cycle or hydrologic cycle. Library books have been pulled and are on display in the classrooms featuring the topics of water and Malawi, an upcoming unit.

Grade Three Health and Fitness is a cross-curriculum collaborative unit; classroom, technology, library and PE classes have been working together. Students are creating a double-sided tri-fold brochure on the human body, using research gleaned from books, apps and websites; typing information, changing fonts and using special/color effects; downloading and sizing photos of their assigned human body part; and introducing documentation of resources. Each brochure consists of six panels of information typed by the students, including a title page, fun facts and a resources page along with images preselected to correspond with the information presented.

Please ask your children to help you navigate a few of the apps and websites used for some of their projects.


“Toca Builders is an award winning kids app that makes it fun to drop, spray, smash and lift blocks to construct new objects—may it be a house, lamp or maybe a banana?”


username: derbytlc
password: derby

“PebbleGo is the award-winning PreK-3 database for reading and research. The PebbleGo databases make learning and improving reading and research skills fun, building on children’s interest. PebbleGo offers four databases: PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science, PebbleGo Biographies and PebbleGo Social Studies. Databases are simple to navigate and offer key reading supports such as read-along audio and word-by-word highlighting.”


“Explore a working model of the body, with interactive skeletal, digestive, muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems. Play and learn anatomy.”


“An educational site covering subjects such as history, science, geography, math, and biographies. Pages are written to be easy to read and understand.”

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